About us

Mechatronics Daily, a local magazine that publishes various convivial stuffs encompassed by  63 (B.Tech-Mechatronics) students (batch 2008-2012), who are append to SASTRA UNIVERSITY, Thirumalaisamudram, Thanjavur.
It first started as a small sms-level operation bitwixt friends during December of 2008, which slowly grew up by degrees on passing various informations hinge on subjects; and later through Facebook since, this year January (2011). Later, breezed in to Blog-level on April (2011). Its desideratum is to halver useful informations regarding Mechatronics with this world.

We are earnestly functioning to post canonical informations to enhance your knowledge. Conjoin us to builup your erudition.

Thank You.

Editor-in-Chief: Agastheesh Murali


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