Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Aadhi Birthday 1st year

Special Correspondent

Aadhi, popularly called as Mass Aadhi, is a very famous person in our college.. Either for his leadership skills as MECHATRONICS CLASS REP; or as stylish Left Handed cricketer, who can convert a full-length delivery on the off-stump, into a SIX over Mid-wicket!!!
Finally after becoming one of the most influential person in the college, we, MECHATRONICS students, are proud to say that Mass Aadhi is in our class.. As the day of Aadhi's birthday grew nearer on February 2009, we all planned a surprise for him.. We all put money, and bought a big 2kg of cake in the shape of a Cricket Bat; and a KurukSastra t-shirt of XL size, on which we all signed with our words for Aadhi (It included explicit comments as well, as they are common in college-life)..
The much more exciting fact was, on that day, our Mass Aadhi was wanted by the whole of the SPS hostel at exactly 12 midnight.. He got bums on each floor from the ground to 3rd floor..
Finally when he reached SPS East Wing, we carried him to SPS E-317, and a big crowd was waiting there.. He finally cut the cake and the t-shirt was presented to him..
That was another unforgettable night of MECHATRONICS!!!
Mass Aadhi

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