Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Aani Birthday

Special Correspondent

TEAM MCT DAILY wishes our class Shanmugham Ravichandran @ Aani, on his birthday... On this day let us recollect the glorious past memory which we had on our 1st year Aani's birthday..
When everyone were looking for him @ night 12 o' clock all thorough the hostel, to give him birthday bums; Ganesh found him in SPS East Wing Terrace, hiding under the Water tank and puttin kadala..
That night we planned a sketch for Dhivya Simhon, and successfully executed it in bumping him..
That was great fun, apart from Aani's that year's birthday treat to Gautham (Bluck), Hari Prasanth (Ball) and Ganesh for the ultimate movie which released that time, "KUNGUMA POOVUM KONJUM PURAVUM", where they met our class co-ordinator Prem Sir with his wife...
Follow the link for some exciting pictures of Aani's first year birthday..


At the Mechatronics Room - E315; (From Left): Ganesh, Shankar, Aani, Simhon & Agastheesh

At the Mechatronics Room- E315

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